Paks2 nuclear power plant - What we have achieved since 2014

Energiaklub has been following and working on the issue of the Paks-2 nuclear project since 2008:

  • We collect, request, process and publish information and facts so that the general public can access as much information as possible on the Paks-2 project.
  • We conduct research and prepare studies in order to analyse and reveal the financial processes and the decision making processes of the project, as well as the institutional and legal background (both at national and international level).
  • We approach various legal entities (authorities, committees, EU Commission) and file communications and complaints, when we find that decisions around the Paks-2 project breach existing regulations.

Our main achievements in the last two years are as follows:

Advocacy/legal activities/submissions

The agreement and contracts with Russia about the Paks-2 NPP violate various national and international legislation. In order to tackle this, Energiaklub carried out the following activities:


Studies, analyses

Since the Hungarian government has failed to provide background analyses and impact assessments to prove the necessity of the planned nuclear investment, Energiaklub conducted numerous researches on the issue. Through these studies we found that Paks-2 is an extremely risky, expensive and money wasting investment which entails safety problems as well. At the same time we aimed at researching on and providing sustainable alternative energy scenarios to prove that there are other ways to have a reliable, economic and socially and environmentally more acceptable energy system in Hungary.

Our studies in the subject can be found at this link.


Energiaklub has been organizing series of conferences and public roundtable events for citizens and the media under the title „Seriously about Paks”. The purpose of these events was to discuss issues that are in the interest of the public, and which can influence the opinion of the decision makers and the general public, such as the environmental, political, geopolitical and economic questions related to Paks-2. The issues have been discussed by international and Hungarian experts.

The following events have been organized so far, with an intention to continue the series.


Besides, we held 17 university forums in 2015-16, involving more  than 400 student, in order to start a discussion about our country’s future energy policy and scenarios. Our major focus was on the Paks-2 project and its possible alternatives.

Media and social media

We launched a website called that, as a civil initiative, is free and independent from any political and economic interest or interest groups. (English version:

At the same time, a Facebook page Pakskontroll was created as well: Now it has ca. 5000 followers.

Energiaklub does extensive media work, so that the wider public can get informed about issues related to the Paks-2 project. Since 2014 Energiaklub had over 30 press releases and 350 media appearances in the subject. This includes online and print media, as well as radio and television appearances.

Information materials

  • Fact sheets for MEPs, NTW, journalists: Energiaklub has been compiling updated fact sheets about Paks II to different target groups.
  • 12 Infographics: A collection of infographics have been constructed, which are regularly posted at Energiaklub’s blog as well as Pakskontroll and Energiaklub facebook page.
  • Short animated video, titled “Paks-2, an unnecessary, money wasting, risky investment”: The video was made in November 2015, in order to publish and promote the questions, problems and risks related to the Paks-2 project. The language of the video is Hungarian, English subtitles are provided.