Explaining nuclear myths-Information, training and community building in the surroundings of nuclear investments in Hungary

Energiaklub has started to collaborate with investigative journalists last year because we realized, Hungarian media is lack of transparency and real information on nuclear related issues. But not only is the current situation of the media worrying. Locals who live close or around in the surroundings of nuclear investments are deficient in information too since authorities and municipalities are not in favour of sharing public information. Local anti-nuclear and environmental groups are struggling to gain publicity and change agenda because without reliable information on the nuclear investments they are not capable to provide facts to the society and therefore they also struggle to mobilize people around the issue.

Thus, the problems that this project aims to overcome this year, are the following:

  • lack of reliable and detailed information about the nuclear investments in Hungary,
  • lack of possibilities for anti-nuclear and green civils to keep the anti-nuclear discourse on the media-and political agenda
  • lack of information on certain nuclear investments to share with the public, therefore
  • lack of activist in the anti-nuclear movement due to limited transparency of nuclear issues.

The project is funded by the Grassroots Foundation.