Uranium mine? No thanks! - Sharing Information, Building Capacity and Community in the affected towns and villages

Our aim is to support local environmental organisations and communities to receive independent information and to engage democratically in the area of the planned Boda radioactive waste facility, the proposed uranium mine in Mecsek, and the Paks II nuclear plant investment.

In the Mecsek area, manifest serious environmental risks by restarting uranium mining around Kővágószőlős and by the planned Boda geological repository for the spent fuel of Paks NPP. The construction of Paks II and the lifetime extension of the existing Paks reactor blocs pose hazards for the broader region. In the occurrence of a severe accident entire counties can be evacuated.

The official propaganda does not fully cover the risks. Energiaklub and its local partners thus draw attention to the negative side of these nuclear investments.

In the area we are doing the following activites:

  • Cooperation with local NGOs, municipalities and media
  • Information events and film screenings for affected local residents
  • Online information campaign on the risks of the planned nuclear facilities
  • Workshop organisation for local acitivists

The project is funded by the Grassroots Foundation.