Support of local environmental activists together with our German partners

Our aim is to support local environmental activists on South Hungary together with our German partner organisation urgewald. In the area, the uranium mining plans in the Mecsek hills, the planned radioactive repository in Boda and the Paks II nuclear plant construction are all causing distress. Local residents receive one-sided information on the planned nuclear investments without any means for democratic involvement. Our German partners have extensive knowledge on how to mobilise local residents, how to counterbalance one-sided information, and how to build up public pressure on municipalities and investors.

Our key activity is the organisation of a study trip for local Hungarian activists to Germany, together with a campaign workshop in the regional centre Pécs with German NGO experts. The project also involves organising a local information campaign and public events in conjunction with our existing activities with local partners.

The project is financially supported by Bewegungsstiftung.