A guide compiled by eCentral project experts has been published

A guide compiled by eCentral project experts on 'nZEB renovations with innovative financing schemes' is become available.

The short, well-structured electronic publication aims to support municipal decision-makers and professionals in avoiding the failures of public building renovation projects and committing to deep renovations. By improving the efficiency of public buildings, public institutions save energy and set an example for others. The guide provides guidance for each of the four phases of renovations (planning, design, construction, operation) and supports municipalities in perfect process management by providing checklists.

At the same time, creating a financial background is a growing problem in CE countries, so the publication also help to choose between funding options:

Furthermore it provides information about nZEB renovation (nearly zero energy building) with innovative financing schemes Public Private Partnership (PPP), Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) and Crowdfunding (CF). This guide uses results from policy analysis, from the eCentral pilot actions in Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia and from literature research.

By means of links, the guide provides further in-depth knowledge and information on individual topics with additional materials prepared within the framework of eCentral and other projects.

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Pej Zsófia [email protected]