Energy Efficient Public Buildings in Central Europe

eCentral project supports key stakeholders, especially local municipalities to realize benefits of new building standard of EU - nearly zero energy building (nZEB).


Addressing poor energy performances of public buildings is at the core of EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive and Energy Performance Building Directive but also one of growing financial issues in Central European countries. To address that eCentral project will prove that nZEB approach, although innovative, is optimal and cost-effective solution for renovation and construction of public buildings. Project aims to capitalise on results of previous and ongoing EU initiatives. Main outputs of the project are:

  • energy performance certificate (EPC) platform for public authorities
  • deployment and promotion of innovative financing schemes
  • trainings, mentoring programme and project development assistance for developing nZEB projects
  • building renovation strategies for selected regions
  • renovated pilot nZEB public buildings in HUN, SLO and CRO
  • established cooperation with scientific institutions and other nZEB initiatives

EPC Platform will be developed and used by public sector decision makers and project developers beyond eCentral project lifetime. Trained energy efficiency teams within the regional government will serve as a backbone for conducting future nZEB projects. 

As a WP leader ENERGIAKLUB contributes to the project's objectives by sharing its proficiency in elaborating methodologies for capacity building programmes and trainings. ENERGIAKLUB will work on the most significant transnational outputs: the Mentoring programme and the EPC tool for decision makers. Considering its know-how as an experienced campaigner and also as a developer of climate strategy building methodology ENERGIAKLUB will be ensured with a task to provide the visibility of project outcomes and systematize targeted communications. ENERGIAKLUB will be also in charge of initiating and leading activities within the Hungarian territory, including organization of capacity building events and giving technical assistance to other regions interested in development of nZEB projects. ENERGIAKLUB will also assist its regional partner (Municipality of 18th District of Budapest) with implementation of the nZEB pilot project.

Published deliverables of the project (until 08.2019):

Other implementing partners:

  • North-West Croatia Regional Enery Agency (Hr) - Lead Partner
  • Energy Agency of Savinjska, Saleska nad Koroska Region (Sl)
  • Energy Agency of Styria (At)
  • Sveta Nedelja (Hr)
  • Municipality of Velenje (Sl)
  • Municipality of 18th District of Budapest (Hu)
  • European Academy of Bolzano (It)

eCentral poject is implemented through financial assisstance of ERDF funds of the Central Europe CP.