The largest block house in Hungary consumes 50%-less energy after a complex renovation.

The so called \"Faluhaz project\" as the part of Staccato project financed by Concerto nominated by the European Comission for the Sustainable Energy Award 2010 in the category \"Dissamination and Demonstration\".

In the largest block house in Hungary called \"Faluhaz\" had RUE  investment aiming to turn down the house energy consuption by 50%.

Faluhaz (Village Block), is situated in the heart of the city where at least 100.000 people passing by daily and about 3000 people lives in it\'s 884 flats. The building demonstrate that a block house renovation can be an example to follow: 10 cm insulation, new central heating system combined with solar collertor (1500 m2) , new windows, and new colorful façade is represents the advantage of intelligent energy.  

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