Küszöbön a felújítás! - The ENERGIAKLUB’s national information program

Several European studies confirm that energy renovations of buildings are not only bringing lower energy bills but are also great investments. Those who take up the idea of changing their windows and heating systems or insulate their home later realize how much legwork and organization it requires. The Energiaklub’s national program called “Küszöbön a felújítás!” (Renovation on your doorstep!) provides useful and long-awaited assistance to implementing reasonable and economical renovation projects.


information program


High heating bills, cold air sweeping in through crevices, low comfort degree – there can be numerous reasons to decide on renovating. Some families give up after receiving quotes, but more and more decide to follow it through. Unfortunately many investment projects are started without the necessary, well-thought-out planning. The right planning saves money, and it is also necessary for the monthly utility fees to really decrease significantly.

The „Küszöbön a felújítás” website provides useful and easy-to-understand information that facilitates carrying out an energy-oriented renovation. For example, visitors can review return of investment calculations belonging to various apartment types, find the definitions to the most important professional concepts, or read about other people’s renovation experiences. The downloadable, printable “Korszerűsítés – korszerűen” (Modernization – In a modern way) booklet provides home owners a step by step guide showing them what considerations should be taken into account when asking for quotes, signing agreements or during the implementation.

The website and the program are based on findings from years of research conducted by the Energiaklub, as well as detailed economic and technical calculations, drawing on the experiences of technical experts and market players. Using its information and heeding its advices, families can not only decrease their heating bills but also increase the comfort and value of their homes, and they can forget about energy problems for decades.

In addition to the website, the project is available at a road-show and a series of conferences to help the exchange and maturation of information.

This can provide benefits beyond the scale of individual households. By using the energy efficiency potential inherent in residential buildings, the country could save enough energy to satisfy all its energy needs for one and a half months. In addition to economic advantages, the renovations contribute to diminishing Hungary’s carbon-monoxide emission as well.


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