Poverty or fuel poverty? - Defining fuel poverty in Europe and Hungary

In the recent years fuel poverty has often been mentioned as a significant  threat that has to be reduced as fast and effective as it is possible. It is part of govermental communication and appears in professional analysis and - mostly in the winter - in the media as well. However, is less discussed what fuel poverty means in reality and how it could be defined.


Our research project was launched with the objective of initializing a constructive debate on fuel poverty in order to grasp the phaenomenon and foster the birth of the Hungarian definition.

Target group:

We recommend the outcomes of the project to the relevant policy actors and decision makers as well as other organisations concerned for consideration and further use.


In our research project we overview the definition of fuel poverty and the measures of reducing it in different member states of the European Union. Based on the available statistical data we analyse the characteristics of fuel poverty in Hungary and give a possible definition. We involve social organisations in the discussions as well.