Hungarian Energy Brigades – Window and Door Insulation


Aim: The purpose of the insulation program is to assist the lowering of private and institutional energy consumption.

Partners: Hungarian green organisations, Hungarian Red Cross

Project description:
As a member of International Energy Brigades this nationwide program has been coordinated since 1998. The window-lagging method of Hungarian Energy Brigades results in considerable heating energy savings that in turn fosters an environmentally conscious way of life. Besides higher comfort each kilojoule of saved energy contributes to the decrease of air pollution and to slowing down changes in global climate. Members of the nationwide network help in teaching the method and technology and in acquiring the necessary tools and insulation material.

The use of the technology is presented in Hungarian in a 10 minute downloadable educational movie on window insulation titled as Smart Energy Management. (The size of the movie is 165 Mbytes.)

Latest developments:
Due to our experiences the socially most needy (unemployed, elderly and low educated people) do not benefit from the insulation program mostly because they lack sufficient information, however they are highly affected by the rising energy prices. Hence in 2007 we started working on involving social organisations in our work. With a local department of the Hungarian Red Cross we intend to work together towards developing the insulation programme in a way that is attractive and affordable also for the socially handicapped classes.