Mapping energy poverty in the Municipality of Józsefváros

Within the framework of the project, we provide professional advice services to the Municipality of Józsefváros in order to help eradicating energy poverty and accelerate the just energy transition.  As a result, the Municipality will have a better understanding of energy poverty in its own district allowing more targeted measures.

Activities in the project:

- Three capacity building sessions for municipal employees working in the social field. During the training, general overview, energy efficiency and energy saving tips will be shared so that they can be communicated to vulnerable target groups.

- Following the training, the trained colleagues will visit 100 vulnerable households to assess the energy poverty situation.

- Residents of the district can also contact the Municipality with questions and receive energy-saving advice during specific opening hours.

- Two energy saving awareness workshops will be organised for vulnerable consumers and a communication campaign will be launched to provide them with energy saving ideas.

Based on the information gathered during the home visits,  the current Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) of the Municipality will be revisited. We suggest to update the energy poverty indicators, revaluate the current measures and set a specific target.

The results and challenges of the project have been summarised.

The project is supported by the EU Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH).