CLIM-CAP: Competences for sustainable city development - Qualification for Climate adaptation in Construction, Architecture and Planning

First impacts of climate change are already observable in the cities both on European and global scale. Qualified, profound consultancy service for relevant urban climate adaptation actors is not available.  CLIM-CAP will provide spatial planners, architects, engineers, consultants and multipliers with the required combination of education and knowledge. During the 2-year project partners will develop a training programme adequate to the needs of the professionals.


Lifelong Learning Programme



Target group:

planners, architects, engineers, professionals working in the fields of planning and construction


At the heart of the CLIMCAP project is a focus on training and skills for effective climate change adaptation, aimed at planners, architects, landscape architectsand other professionals who work to plan, design, build and maintain the build environments of our cities, towns and villages.The changing global climate is causing an increase in extreme weather impacts and has an effect on the social, economic and environmental qualities of towns and cities all over Europe. Warmer, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers create social, environmental and economic impacts on all urban dwellers and dwellings – and it is often the most vulnerable in society who are most adversely affected. CLIMCAP’s key objectives 1 To develop a curriculum that fulfils trainee needs – as identified by market and demand analyses – by filling the existing gaps in climate change adaptation training currently provided by partner countries.2 To develop a training programme that facilitates the transfer of integrated knowledge on climate change adaptation within the built environment and within the processes of urban planning.3 For each project partner to pilot the training course within their partner country and to monitor the experience of trainees and trainers in order to provide feedback that will improve the final CLIMCAP training programme.4 To enable the development of new skills among built environment professionals that foster an integrated approach to the implementation of climate change adaptation withinthe built environment through the CLIMCAP curriculum and learning environment.5 To continually monitor, assess and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the CLIMCAP curriculum development and training course during the lifetime of the project. 

Project partners:

Ruhr-Universität Bochum (D), Climatology (project coordinator)

Town and Country Planning Association (UK)

Akademie der Ruhr-Universität gGmbH (D)

Wageningen Business School (NL)

Energiaklub (HU)

Technical University of Catalonia (ES)