POWERPOOR is a response to energy poverty, supporting better health and wellbeing. This project explores deeply the creation of energy cooperatives and crowdfunding schemes as innovation mechanisms to empower citizens facing episodes of energy poverty to participate actively in the energy transition. POWERPOOR works on the field with energy-poor households and policymakers on lowering energy poverty levels in eight of the most heavily impacted EU countries. 

POWERPOOR in a nutshell:

In 2018, over 37 million people in the EU experienced uncomfortable temperatures in their homes and the rising unemployment due to the Covid-19 crisis risks making it harder for people to keep up with utility bills. Therefore the project can be described by the follwing numbers and activites: 

  • The project relies on a rich mix of tools to help households find the path out of energy poverty and live a better life. Partners are developing support schemes for energy-poor citizens and encourage the use of alternative financing; the installation of renewable energy sources are being made easier and most importantly, certified energy supporters and mentors are the frontmen supporting people locally;
  • The project has set the bar high and partners work on engaging with over 22,000 energy-poor households in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Portugal and Spain. This will be only possible with more than 1,000 POWERPOOR energy supporters and mentors;
  • One of the key drivers of the POWERPOOR project is to offer concrete solutions. In POWERPOOR, energy-poor citizens are people who cannot keep their homes adequately warm during winter and comfortable enough during summer, may live in poor quality and may delay paying their energy bills.

Partner countries: 

Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Portugal and Spain.