QualDeEPC national workshops discussed national and EU policy recommendations

In May and June 2022, the consortium partners from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Spain, and Sweden held the third round of national workshops of the project to gain feedback from practitioners on the nationally adapted concepts of enhanced EPC schemes. They also discussed the project’s EU policy recommendations for revising the EU Directive on the energy performance of buildings (EPBD). Our policy recommendations are summarized in a short video.

Participants of the workshops arrived at the following conclusions:

  • The participants were in agreement with most of the proposals;
  • Interesting suggestions were noted, such as to prioritize renovation recommendations in the sense of staged (deep) renovation, or to include more graphs into the proposed EPC template, as well as fuel costs;
  • Some challenges were collected, such as the reorganisation of ministries in some countries (eg. in Hungary and Germany), making it difficult to bring QualDeEPC’s recommendations to the table; or currently high building and renovation costs, high and volatile energy prices, creating uncertainty in predicting any financial payback time or rate of return on renovation investments;
  • There are some Deep Renovation Network Platforms (DRNPs) and online tools for self-calculation of energy savings options on national level already implemented.

The findings of the workshops will be included in the further design and final implementation of the QualDeEPC project, for example in the newly published Guidebook for improved EPCs presenting the project’s proposal for an enhanced and converging EPC assessment and certification scheme.

For more information, please download the press release from the link below.

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