Energy efficiency potential of Hungarian resiential buildings

„There are no two identical buildings” is an objection often raised when discourse is going on about national calculations, models and the lack thereof. And this is true. Still, in our NegaJoule2020 research project, we endeavoured to set up a model of buildings that gives a good approximate of the composition and energy consumption of Hungarian residential buildings and on the scale of energy saving attainable at a national level by means of energy-efficiency investments.

The research is unique in Hungary in two aspects: on the one hand, calculations were preceded by a representative, large-scale statistical sampling that served with detailed basic data necessary for the study. On the other hand, we did not use technical data of unspsecified origin and cited from international literature, but hundreds of energy calculations – basically sample energy performance certificates - were prepared on various types of buildings with the assistance of a practising energy engineer. According to our information, calculations of a similar scale have not yet been conducted in Hungary.

We believe that this effort has brought a result and hope you will find many useful and interesting information on the pages of the research summary.