Visegrad Experts at Resilience Forums in the South Caucasus

Armenia and Georgia have a low level of resilience at the community and local government level, and are highly prone and exposed to natural disasters and climate chnage impacts. The local governments and civil society intensively work on strengthening preparedness and mitigation, however, there is a lack of access to the latest concepts, solutions and knowledge on new approaches to build resilience. There is an on-going need of high profile expertise in both countries to meet the commitments at the local/regional level, national strategies on preparedness and safety as well as to contribute to the key global policies.
The project intends to fill the expertise gap in areas of innovative early warning approaches to meteorological and hydrological hazards, science-based mitigation and adaptation response policy making, climate change and water management, earthquake engineering and technical/scientific forecasting and warning work. It indtroduces best practices and concepts from the V4 countries at the 3rd Resilience Forum sin Tavush (Armenia) and Adjara (Georgia), ensures knowledge transfer, support and capacity building of local governments and civil society, provide presentations of jointly developed locally adapted models and dissemination of these solutions among wider group of practicioners, also by on-line publications distributed through a regional resilience network. Bringing high profile expertise stimulates links among resilience actors int he South Caucasus and V4 experts to support resilience know-how transfer and to intensify dialogue among practicioners and experts working on community and urban resilience.     The 'Visegrad Experts at Resilience Forums in the South Caucuses' project was funded by the International Visegrad Fund.and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Netherlands, and implemented by OxYGen Foundation together with its implementing partner organization: Bridge Innovation and Development (BRIDGE). visegrad_fund_logo_blue.jpg