Treecheck - so the city doesn't burn

Aim of Treecheck project is to help the cities of Central Europe effectively tackle the effects of climate change, in particular with ever-growing heat waves and urban overheating by enhancing green infrastructure - greenery in all its forms and possible locations.

On behalf of Ökotárs Foundation, Energiaklub participates in the implementation of the Treecheck project under the LIFE program in Hungary.

In the framework of the project we are participating in the elaboration of the climate strategy of the selected municipality (Budapest District III, Óbuda), including the implementation of workshops on the relations and ideas of young people (aged 15-25) on climate change. Other activities:

  • elaboration of methodological materials for successful operation of local climate clubs;
  • professional revision of draft versions of the local climate strategy;
  • mainstreaming and recommendations for more resilient local strategies and regulations;
  • recommendations for climate change adaptation measures related to a selected investment or preparing a detailed implementation plan for a climate adaptation action.

Official website of Treecheck