Towards 100% RES rural communities - Energy, planning, rural development

To provide the opportunity for Hungarian rural communities (even groups of villages) to participate in an EU-level initiative, we are launching a project designed to respond to the specific needs of these communities concerning energy management.

The participating communities support the voluntary commitment to meet and even exceed the EU “3x20” objectives (reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, compared with 1990 levels; 20% share of renewables in the energy supply; 20% reduction in energy use). These communities will show that in the long term a 100% renewable energy share is achievable.


Consultancy, information, networking


The objective of the “Towards 100% RES Rural Communities” project is to establish the sustainable, renewable energy supply of rural communities. This will be obtained by sharing experiences, designing sustainable energy action plans and implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy investments.

Target group:

Companies / Municipalities / NGO-s


ENERGIAKLUB and the other partner organisations support participating municipalities with professional consulting services and assistance in designing Sustainable Energy Action Plans. We also organise conferences, workshops and study tours to enable experience sharing at national and international level.

The scope of the project is more than strategy creation, the action plans include a set of actions to be implemented within the project’s lifetime.

The project strongly relates to three successful international initiatives: the Covenant of Mayors, the RURENER Network and the RES Champions League. The project promotes the participation of rural communities in well functioning networks and emphasizes the importance of European-level representation of rural communities.

There are 13 organisations from 10 European countries (for example Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium…etc.) participating in the project. ENERGIAKLUB works in strong cooperation with Community Energy Scotland on the development of joint Action Plans and the improvement of the methodology.