GreenScape - integrating nature-based solutions in the grey infrastructure of cities

GreenScape CE project paves a way for integrating nature-based solutions (NBS) and green infrastructure (GI) in the grey infrastructure in 5 Central European urban areas, significantly affected by aggravating urban heat island effect: Milano Metropolitan Area, Ptuj, Szeged, Warsaw and Zagreb through peer-to-peer learning, transnational capacity building and participatory decision-making.

The project is committed to enable the wider uptake of NBS in pilot urban areas by enhancing policy learning and improving multilevel governance structures that will enable better collaboration between decision-makers and local communities.

The GreenScape CE consortium consists of 12 partner organisations from six CE countries (AT, HR, HU, IT, PL, SI) and encompasses five pilot areas where NBS projects will be identified and the participatory decision making tested.

Energiaklub will intensively promote the adoption of the GI framework that will enable the wider uptake of NBS projects, as well as raise awareness of citizens, policy and decision-makers by emphasizing the economic, social and cultural benefits of the NBS.
The main role of Energiaklub is to take part in the development of the training curriculum on the impact of climate change, GI and NBS, to perform the workshop events.

Energiaklub will support the City of Szeged with capacity building and technical assistance in all phases of the pilot project development, as well as the organisation of multi-stakeholder engagement events in Hungary and meetings with other cities to ensure transferability. 

The project is supported by INTERREG CE Programme, co-funded by the European Union and Hungary. Official website of the project with outputs and event calendar is availabe here.