Energy efficiency campaign for Zoltek Hungary Zrt.

With the professional support of Energiaklub, Zoltek Zrt. in Hungary has launched an energy efficiency campaign to raise awareness of the importance of energy saving in the work and private life of the company's employees.  The campaign will include posters, a brainstorming competition, different games and activities. The motto of our campaign is "Less energy, more efficient production!"

The campaign started with the design of the official logo, and after the design elements we started working on 5 eye-catching posters. The posters cover a number of themes, including how Zoltek Zrt. and its employees are playing their part in the transition to green energy through their work. The posters will also show how employees can save energy in the office and what they can do to lower their energy bills by insulating their homes and making small, larger investments.

As well as giving advice, the company aim to put the energy efficiency suggestions into practice with quizzes and games.  And through a competition for ideas, management will be looking to both factory and office workers to come up with energy efficiency ideas that they think could help the company save even more energy.