New managing and policy director at the head of Energiaklub

We are pleased to announce that a new specialist has taken over the management of Energiaklub. Martina Méhes is the managing and policy director of the organization from January 2021.

Martina is a graduate agricultural environmental management engineer with a degree in renewable resources engineering. She studied at Szent István University in Budapest and at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. She lived in Australia and Norway for some time.

She specializes in renewable energy, climate change, and nuclear energy. She completed her studies with honors from the Department of Engineering on the basis of her degree thesis about thermonuclear fusion, as well as study results. She attended the Fusion Physics Winter School (organized by the Hungarian Association of Physics Students at Eötvös Loránd University) and completed the V4 Energy Summer School in Slovakia. She is currently online studying data science programs at Harvard University.

During her professional career, she worked for the largest energy companies, including MVM Ltd. and Schneider Electric. As a project development expert, she supervised the development and licensing of large-scale solar parks, planned various energy R&D, nature conservation and sustainability projects, and prepared international renewable energy strategies. She also gained expertise and management skills in the field of climate protection and carbon reduction, ensuring compliance with various national and EU regulatory systems for large foreign companies, and overseeing industrial energy efficiency developments. She researched the possibilities of community solar applications and won the first Innovation Award of MVM Ltd. with her project plan. Furthermore, she organized corporate social responsibility projects on voluntary basis, and has received numerous institutional awards for her efforts to promote a science-based approach to sustainability.

Martina has been following the work of Energiaklub for about 10 years, and her dream has come true by being able to represent the institute as managing and policy director and to support the work of the professional team. Her plans include the creation of a new policy and organizational strategy that will give a new impetus and direction to Energiaklub's 30 years of unbroken expertise, while maintaining its current values, principles and independence.

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Méhes Martina [email protected]