Leaders' Summit Takes a Fresh Look at National Renovation Strategy Challenge

Energiaklub was invited to co-host one of the round-table discussions at the BUILD UPON Leaders' Summit in Madrid on 20-21 September, where 170 public, private and non-profit sector leaders from 25 countries came together. Over the two days participants took a fresh and more collaborative look at the challenge of designing and implementing the national building renovation strategies EU countries must deliver by April 2017. The Summit demonstrated that there is a now a thriving cross-sector dialogue on how we meet this challenge across the region; a dialogue that was largely absent during the preparation of the first strategies in 2014.

"BUILD UPON is a true community of leaders" said Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič in his address to the Summit, adding: "The national renovation strategies that European countries have put in place across our region are a key instrument – to help coordinate action and set a long-term vision. They represent a huge opportunity for alignment – not just of public sector policies on renovation, but of the many activities of non-state actors to overcome key market barriers.”

The photos from the Summit can now be enjoyed here, and a report on the outcomes of the Summit will be published for COP 22.

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