Introducing 'Lakcímke', the Home Energy Certificate!

The 'Lakcímke' project has introduced unique new features that promise to reduce energy consumption in our homes. Beginning this autumn, readers of the 'Lakcímke' website can get acquainted with Hungarian real estate Home Energy Certificates from week to week.

Many will already know that from 2012 not only newly built homes but also those already inhabited will need to present a Home Energy Certificate when being put up for sale or rent. We can significantly reduce our home energy bill by accepting the recommendations and learning from the data laid out in the energy certificate.What can the proprietor learn from the certificate, what exactly does it contain? How can a home-owner benefit from it? What does this much speculated-on document actually look like? Those interested in these questions will find the answers and many practical details in our 10 part series.
Looking at the website, in the „Introducing the Home Energy Certificate” column we will be able to find middle-class flats of terraced corridor houses in the downtown, villas at Lake Balaton, and housing-estate flats too. Readers will be able to delve into the contents of  certificates prepared by professionals, and the most enthusiastic can study the related technical calculations, as well as the recommendations made for modernisation. To make things a little easier to understand, the Lakcímke project organisers have given a brief summary next to each certificate, highlighting the most important data and the relevant conclusions.

The Energiaklub's special professional partner in preparing the column is EQ Kft, our media partner is Figyelőnet.
 September 22, 2010.