Climate Adaptation & Disaster Risk Reduction - Visegrad experts at resilience forums in the Caucasus

Climate adaptation related resilience forums have been organized in Georgia and Armenia between 29 May and 2 June with the participation of Visegrad 4 (V4) experts from Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic. Energiaklub which was represented by Mr. Miklós Székely, a renewable energy and climate adaptation expert, was the contributing partner from Hungary. Mr. Székely in his presentations has mainly focused on the adaptation potentials of undertaking local level disaster risk assessments as well as constructing risk maps in order to portray risks across a geographical area. Identifying, analyzing, evaluating, in other words, understanding disaster risks may substantially help local communities and civil protection authorities to better prepare for natural disaster events that have been and will be intensified by climate change in the Caucasus region. The other V4 experts talked about the direct and indirect consequences of climate change, the experiences of national risk mapping projects and the aspects of urban planning with respect to climate adaptation.

The Resilience forums and Learning sessions were organized in Adjara, Georgia (May 29-30) and in Tavush, Armenia (June 1-2) within the frame of “Visegrad Experts at Resilience Forums in the South Caucuses” Project. The events brought together representatives of regional governments, educational institutions, community members, civil protection experts, international organizations related to the topics and other government officials.

Visegrad Experts at Resilience Forums in the South Caucuses” project funded by International Visegrad Fund and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Netherlands and implemented by OxYGen Foundation together with its implementing partner organization: Bridge Innovation and Development (BRIDGE).