The Hungarian solar energy market in 2010

- results of a questinnaire survey –
Varga Katalin

The analysis based on a survey carried out for the third year in a row by Energiaklub gives actual information on the current state of the Hungarian solar energy market. The publication prives data on the current solar thermal and PV capacities, analyses the legal environment for installing these technologies and the support policies. We analyse the trends drawn by surveys of the last three years and expectations of market actors. The most important lesson of this year's survey is that the lack for stable support schemes for individuals jeopordises the incomes of Hungarian solar energy companies.The Hungarian Building Engineers Association supported Energiaklub in carrying out the survey.

Content of the „The Hungarian solar energy market in 2010results of a questinnaire survey":- Hungarian potentials for solar energy utilisation - Previous years' statistics - Supply side: who are the vendors, what kind of products do the sell and istall?- Demand side: who are the most important customers, what influences them? - Risks and threats - Market prognosis - AppendixesOrder now! The price for the publication in Hungarian is HUF 22.000 Ft + VAT + postage, in English EUR 100 + VAT + postage.Contact us by email ( or phone: +36 1 411 3520.