Dysfunctions in the state energy sector and energy legislation


Our study’s value and novelty is in its thematic, summarizing and systematic approach, and in defining and describing disfunctioning based on the routine of the Energiaklub. Moreover, we have made proposals to improve the existing system.

This report contains the results of research carried out by the Energy Club between April and November 2009, within the scope of the Control Energy Project, undertaken with the intention of mapping out the Hungarian state energy sector and revealing any related dysfunctioning. On the one hand, the state energy institutions inspected themselves from the perspective of how they operate within the state energy sector. In addition to this an important aspect of our investigations was the complex exploration of Hungarian energy legislation. The exploration of the most important regulations of the Hungarian energy regulator and systemisation of these findings provided the opportunity for us to draw conclusions concerning Hungarian energy legislation (and Hungarian legislation in general). The theoretical nature of the research allowed for a wide analysis of sources: we processed the most important Hungarian and foreign literature on the field. On the basis of these we defined the most important areas of dysfunction in national energy and those requiring the most urgent rectification.  To conclude the sub-project we compiled a list of professional proposals in respect of the discovered dysfunctions.