Report on energy transition in Central and Eastern Europe

Energiaklub, in a cooperation with Metropolitan Research Institute and Mobilissimus, have prepared a report (business conversation paper) for The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) in the theme of energy transition in Central and Eastern Europe.

Modernising Central and Eastern European economy is essential to deliver climate action, as well as better health and economic outcomes for Europe’s people. This report seeks to provide a snapshot of the scale and variety of the challenge in the CEE Region in the context of changes that have taken place over the last ten years, including some inspiring examples of business innovation that are showing what is possible.

The report aims to inform politicians and policymakers providing them with information and confidence to accelerate action in this area. It also informs a broad range of businesses on the latest trends, and the scale of opportunities available to them.

The report will be published in the name of The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group and represent insights from a business group supporting ambition on climate change and the transition to a sustainable economy.

Target audience of the paper: a broad range of politicians, policymakers and businesses.

Energiaklub prepared a chapter that focuses on energy generation and distribution in the CEE region.

We made a deep analysis of:

  • the EU and Russian influence on the region's energy generation structure and energy policies;
  • the stage of transition in energy generation;
  • the barriers of energy transition (infrastructure of networks, employment…);
  • the types of financial support in energy generation;
  • the legal environment;
  • the energy mix of CEE-countries (fossil fuels, nuclear energy, renewables;
  • the potential of renewable energies in the region; and
  • the development of micro-grids, smart-systems and energy storage.