Ready4netzero - Local Long-term Climate Strategies

The project will foster concrete transformative climate action at the local level by kick-starting actions and campaigns in pilot cities in target countries, thus contributing to development and implementation of Local Long Term Climate Neutrality Strategies (LLCS).

The project will build capacity, knowledge and skills among city officials, municipal staff and local stakeholder and foster exchange and networking between municipalities that have decided to develop a LLCS. To this end, the project will develop a context-specific guidance document and tailored capacity-building consisting of local and international training activities.

Developing of the training material will start by a needs assessment questionnaire, evaluating the capacity gaps among pilot cities. Based on the questionnaire feedback, a capacity building concept will be designed, consisting of a webinar series, 3 in person workshops, 5 train-the-trainer events and a 3-day study visit to Germany. The study visit will be organized to one or several of the forerunner cities of Germany who have experience and good practice example that can be demonstrated to the target cities participating in the project.

Additionally, the project also facilitates knowledge exchange and capacity building beyond the pilot cities by dissemination of the lessons learnt and the preparation of final publication, which will be promoted among the representatives of local self-governments from partner countries and the EU in general.

A final conference of the project will be organized in Krakow with the aim to share results and disseminate between targeted countries. This will serve also as a good opportunity for the participating municipalities to expand their professional network within the EU.

As a result, municipal staff in the pilot cities will be equipped with capacity, knowledge and network to develop and implement local long term climate strategy and will contribute to concrete transformative actions.


  • Network of Polish 'Energy Cities' (PNEC, lead)
  • North-West Croatian Regional Energy Agency (REGEA)
  • Network of Romanian 'Energy Cities' (OER)

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This project is part of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

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