Getting closer – Information / Interaction / Involvement / Influence

The goal of the project is to adapt to modern communication methods, thus make Energiaklub’s communication more understandable, relatable and more efficient. We will follow a more user-centered process in which our audience can also engage, comment, write, talk and give feedback and provide content.

Energiaklub is the only NGO in Hungary that, ever since its foundation in 1990, has been working solely on energy issues. Our mission is to create knowledge for society, control decision makers by watchdog activities and to share knowledge to a wide range of citizens in a simple, useful and accessible way. Following Energiaklub’s strategy, further strengthening our social base and support, and building closer and more active connections with our supporters, Energiaklub will implement the following activites within the project:

• collaboration with the investigative journalism platform called Átlátszó, support their journalist in investigating energy related corruption or other illegal activity

• launching bi-weekly radio show about environment and climate protection

• continuing cooperation with civil society organizations in South of Hungary, organizing online information campaign, screenings and round tables

The project is funded by Open Society Foundations