Building coalition for low-carbon development & Promoting Ambitious Climate Policy in Central and Eastern Europe

The V4 Governments are facing a number of challenges when implementing the EU’s 2030 climate and energy policy framework. The EU’s commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement make it more urgent than ever for the V4 governments to develop trust in the feasibility of the low-carbon transition, to build expertise, and to reach out to various stakeholders in order to design and implement innovative policy instruments to deliver a successful low-carbon economy.

V4 Governments need to be supported in realising the multiple benefits and opportunities of a low-carbon economy, as well as managing the challenges of the transition. In order to foster mutual exchange we will organise a series of multi-stakeholder workshops (government/public administration, business, academia and NGOS) to discuss these issues in an open manner to generate trust and better understanding. On the basis of these exchanges in each V4 country we would like to generate possible solutions jointly with trusted project partners, such as
national NGOs and research institutions, many of which E3G is already working with. We will also organise a media briefing event to provide factual background and advice on communicating climate policy issues to interested journalists.

During the project, multi stakeholder meetings and media events have been organized in Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, and Bratislava. and a3-day regional event was held in Brussels.

The project was supported by the International Visegrad Fund and the German Foreign Office through E3G.