MULTIPLY- Peer-learning workshop series:Online communication workshop

The pandemic situation hasn’t occured as an obtacle in the MULTIPLY workshop series! Since the pandemia has appeared, the participants have already met twice in an online format in order to continue their joint work to share their experiences and knowledge in the field of integrated urban planning. This time, besides some municipal decision-makers, the participants were mainly communicational and cultural/community experts from the municipalities.

The workshop has been held on 03.06.2020 and been organized by the Energiaklub with focusing on the communicational opportunities of the MULTIPLY project and on the elaboration of the communicational strategy and participatory methods as part of the main outcome of the project’s Energy Plan. The workshop has offered various programmes: the Energiaklub’s communicational expert’s presentation about communicational possibilities and also an external expert from the Jóügy Kft. has presented participatory methods in energy planning.

Besides the presentations from the epxerts, the participant municipalities also got the possibility to present their good practices in the themes of the workshop. Sopronkövesd has talked about their ’Green-hearted village’ concept, that has become the village’s brand due to the municipality’s work on the green image of the settlement. The XIII. district of Budapest has presented about their good practices on how they have managed to create ad sustain cooperation with their citizens, in he frame of their Angyalzöld+ programme, especially in the Gondos Gazdi programme, ’Garden greening’ tender and their ’Green Point’ initiative. In addition, a representatives of the municipality of Budaörs, as a Special-award winner of the MULTIPLY project, has further expanded our knowledge in how to involve the local groups in the urban planning process: the Budaörs 2030 Távlatok programme has been introduced with goal to increase the participatory level of citizens in the planning processes.

After the knowledge the participants gathered during the presentations, a two-part group work was been started by dividing the participants into 3 groups with one expert from the Energiaklub for each.  During the groupworks the members tried to come up with ideas  about the communication strategy of the Energy Plan and about the community participation concept of it. After the joint work the groups has presented their valuable results: communicational methods and platforms to promote the project and the Energy Plans and they have managed to identify some stakeholder groups that will have a key role in the elaboration and the implementation of the Energy Plans. And of course, as usual, numeruos good practices has occured and been shared with each other during the discussions.

The participants municipalities of the project succesfully adapted to the changed environment of the online workhop comparing to personnel format, and they have managed to fulfill another valuable joint working event with their proactivity. As a next step, by inspiring from the knowledge they attained during the event, those municipalities who elaborate an Energy Plan can start to continue the work on the communication strategies that they have started during the workshop.

As the next stop of the workshop series, the technical staff of the municipalities will gather together, hopefully during a physical event, in July and will continue the discussion and the sharing of good practices about energy planning in their settlement/district and further elaborate their Energy Plans.

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