The MVM did not fulfil the resolution

The Magyar Villamos Művek Zrt. (Hungarian Power Companies Ltd., MVM) did not fulfil its obligations completely under the court resolution pertaining to the Lévai project. On February 16th 2012, the Metropolitan Regional Court brought a legally binding resolution obliging the MVM Zrt. to disclose the data of the project about the planned expansion of the Paks nuclear power plant. The respondent did not disclose the project’s results as part of the requested data.

The Energiaklub requested the most important data of the project from the MVM Zrt. in January 2011. The MVM, claiming that the requested data are considered preparation material for decisions and contain business secrets, refused to disclose them. The Energiaklub filed a lawsuit against the company.

Concluding the lawsuit that ran over one year, the Metropolitan Regional Court gave a legally binding resolution obliging the MVM to disclose the following data: the planned total cost of the project; its results to date; data pertaining to the ratio of the MVM Holding’s companies participating (in proportion of employees taking part); a list of companies, organizations outside of the MVM Holding that may potentially participate in the project; the list of contracts made in the framework of the project, including the subject of the contract, the contracted payment and the completion deadline set in the contract. In our opinion, the company failed to fulfil its obligations in relation to the results, as instead of the results themselves (among others, the strategic studies; the first English-language draft of the call for tender; the assessment of potential domestic suppliers; the completed studies on “the requirements for connecting the new blocks into the electricity grid, the need for system-level regulations, back-up and network development, and the optimal cooling solutions”;) they only sent a brief list. Therefore we sent the company a letter requesting that they fulfil the provisions of the resolution in total.  

We issued another data request as well to the MVM Zrt. in relation to the contracts of the Lévai project.