'Climate Notifier' webpage has been launched

Fleshfloods caused by heavy rains? Intolerable heatwaves? Destructive stroms? Quite common phenomenons nowadays, to which we have to adapt. In the framework of the 'Berlin-Budapest climate dialogue' project, Energiaklub's partner TU Berlin developed a unique web-based platform for collecting complaints related to climate change in Hungary.

'Climate notifier' webpage has been launched with the aim to collect claims and announcements of citizens related to the changing climate. 

Only a few clicks and any kind of complains can be posted to the surface of Climate Notifier from both computer and mobile devices, eg. if the shoes are almost melting in the heat or you get soaked in a sudden thunderstorm. On the landing page map, a particular street or area can be appointed where the problem is detected, than the cause of the problem should be identified, such as flashflood or heat. The related damage to a particular climate problem should also be referred: whether it is health, building or environmental damage.

'Problems recorded on the Climate Notifier provide us with very useful and important research data. I trust many people will comment on the site.' – said Dr. Adél Gyimóthy, developer of the Climate Notifier, researcher of the Technical University of Berlin. The observations recorded here contribute to the joint work of Energiaklub and TU Berlin, namely the to the elaboration of a Climate Adaptation Action Plan for the IXth Distict of Budapest, aiming to mitigate climate change, which is increasingly burdening the population and the environment as well. However, the data gathering is not limited to the IXth District of Budapest, claims can also be recorded either in Budapest, but also in any other Hungarian settlement. 

Not only does the website provide data to researchers, but the latest data is available to the general public as well, supported by a filtering function for each type of problem and incidence. The Climate Notifier page thus helps inform and actively involve the citizens, which is very important step of the adaptation process.

If you have any comments or questions, write to the author!
Pej Zsófia [email protected]