Climate energency is declared – what’s next?

A guide compiled by experts and partners of Energiaklub Climate Policy Institute has been published, supporting municipalities to plan for adaptation to climate change. The official presentation of the publication prepared within the framework of the ’Berlin-Budapest Climate Adaptation Dialogue’ project took place on the 17th of February 2021.

More and more local public authorities are recognizing the importance of responding to climate change and preparing a climate strategy or Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan  (SECAP). This publication presents the specifics of the climate change adaptation planning process and provides practical assistance to local decision makers and professionals to design adaptation measures.

The publication can be considered as a continuation of the handbook previously published by Energiaklub entitled “Adapting to Climate Change at the Municipal Level - A Guide for Municipalities to Develop a Local Adaptation Strategy” (available only in Hungarian). It focuses primarily on the next steps after adopting a climate strategy or SECAP, as these documents are not yet detailed enough to put the goals and measures they set into practice. The guide includes eg:

  • possible methods and data sources of vulnerability assessment
  • indicators for filtering measures aiming to raise resilience
  • explanation of microclimatic modelling

All presented topics are completed with examples implemented in practice, summarizing the experience gained during two years of work with the Municipality of Budapest 9th District.

The project was funded by the German Federal Environment Ministry. Our partners were EPC, TU Berlin and Organic Communication.