Visegrad+ for Renewable Energy

The project covers the ambition of the Visegrad countries and Austria in increasing the share of renewables in the next decade. It is an informal cooperation within the Visegrad+ for Renewable Energy platform.

Visegrad+ for Renewable Energy (V+RE) platform of renewable energy associations from Visegrad Group countries and Austria has been established in Prague in May 2019 to gather representatives of the renewable industries and challenge the low level of ambition in the energy transition in the region. 

Renewable energy associations from Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Austria analysed the final National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) and evaluated the gaps between the plans and the renewable energy potential. These plans will guide renewable energy development in EU members states until 2030.

Members of the platform include Czech Renewable Energy Chamber (CZ), Energiaklub (HU), Polish Wind Energy Association (PL), Slovak Association of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Industry (SK), Austrian Renewable Energy Association (AT) and E3G.

The Visegrad+RE networking is supported by the European Commission as a part of the Renewables Networking Platform project coordinated by EUFORES and European Renewable Energies Federation.