Cost-optimal levels of minimum energy performance requirements for buildings

ENERGIAKLUB Climate Policy Institute was assigned by the Ministry of Interior to perform the cost optimality analysis and the draft report to be submitted to the European Commission, as defined by the Directive 2010/31/EU and Commission Delegated Regulation 244/2012/EU.


Ministry of the Interior


research, consultancy


The aim of the cost optimality analysis is to ensure that minimum energy performance requirements are set in the Member States with a view to achieving cost-optimal levels for buildings, considering the economic lifecycle of building elements, investment costs as well as energy savings.


Based on the requirements of the Regulation, the analysis was divided into the following phases:

1. Establishment of reference buildings, both for existing as well as new buildings.

2. Identification of energy efficiency measures and measures based on renewable energy sources applied at each reference building.

3. Calculation of the primary energy demand resulting from the application of measures and packages of measures.

4. Calculation of the global cost in terms of net present value for each reference building.

5. Undertaking a sensitivity analysis for cost input data including energy prices and discount rates.

6. Derivation of a cost optimal level of energy performance for each reference building.

7. Comparison of results with the current requirements in Hungary.