István Bart

Board Member

István Bart has been dealing with climate-policy since 2002, specialized in the operating and development areas of ETS. He is a jurist; he was the head of department in charge of planning the National Allocation System of ETS I in the Economy and Transport Ministry from 2002-2005. He worked for DG Clima from 2005-2011. His main field of expertise is the accounting system for emissions trading and control mechanisms (JI, CDM) of Kyoto. He was the delegate in charge of climate related questions of the European Committee during the Hungarian presidency in 2011. He participated in several climate negotiations (Milano, Bali, and Cancun); published more articles, and was the co-author of books related to climate policy and emission trading. Since 2011 he has worked for MEHI (Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute) as CEO and later as Strategic Director. He speaks English, French, German and Italian.