Our new study about the Energy Union

Energiaklub together with Trinomics and Aether provided an overview and analysis for the European Parliament, at the request of the ITRE Committee, about the EU policies, measures and instruments that contribute to the realisation of fully integrated and well-functioning electricity and gas markets in Europe.

Case studies explore capacity remuneration mechanisms, electricity market coupling, cross-border gas trade between Hungary and its neighbours. Policy recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the integration are formulated based on the key findings.

26 Apr 2016

In memoriam Chernobil - 30 years after the most severe nuclear disaster of mankind

April 26, 1986 - The accident in the Chernobil nuclear power plant changed the lives of millions of people on Earth. In Energiaklub's touching video, five famous Hungarian artists tell about how the disaster affected their and their families' lives (with English subtitles).

20 Apr 2016

How many trees should mayors plant against climate change?

With great success have we closed our 1-year 'Climate Response' training programme for enhancing climate adaptation at local level. During the programme, 140 Hungarian local decision makers and actors of the civil society learned about the impacts of climate change, the vulnerability and adaptive capacity of their cities and towns. In this short video, participants of the trainings tell about what they take from the course, and what they can implement in their home towns (with English...

22 Mar 2016

PAKS II – An unnecessary, money wasting, risky investment

Short video about the Paks II project raising some serious questions and doubts about Hungary's planned new nuclear power plant to be built and financed by Russia.


Paks II could only operate with state aid

In November 2015 the European Commission opened an in-depth state aid investigation into Hungary's plans to provide financing for the construction of two new nuclear reactors in Paks. This gave interested third parties an opportunity to comment on the measure. Energiaklub has submitted its comments.

Planned Paks II nuclear power plant will go bankrupt without state aid - A business economics analysis

In the first twenty years of operation, the project company will need yearly 330 million EUR capital injections from public money to keep the project going, and pay-off is feasible only if wholesale power prices increase high above European expectations - that is the key finding of Energiaklub’s new study.

Sustainable Communities in Southeastern Europe

25 Feb 2014 - 9:30am - 4:30pm

Athens (Greece)

Being on halfway of our implementation, we organize a Mid- term event on 25, February 2014 in Athens.

Fuel poverty and energy savings consultation for private households - Lessons learnt around Europe

11 Feb 2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm


Invitation for free webinar about fuel poverty and solutions, lessons learnt of EC-LINC project.See detailes in attachement.