Hungarians believe they need EU subsidies to modernise their homes

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94% of the Hungarian public finds it reasonable that there should be tenders for EU funds for the energy performance retrofitting of homes — found the national, large sample survey of the Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute and Energiaklub. The large majority of households would not modernise their homes if they could only rely on their own savings and bank loans.

25 Jan 2016

Subsidies provide incentives for renovations

The retrofitting of apartment blocks may decrease the energy use of flats by up to 60% ­— according to the findings of the Energiaklub’s international project, which examined the renovation and savings opportunities in specific buildings as well as the reasons for the public’s low willingness to invest. Although resident communities are open to modernisation, their financial opportunities are limited, with even the costs of preparations being a large burden. According to...

22 Dec 2015

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29 Oct 2015

Climate refugees in Europe

The surge of migration from the Midd